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Why Writing About Yourself is Hard

Writing about yourself is hard, whether that’s writing a personal bio, answering questions on an award application, or writing marketing copy for the business you own. How often have you sat down to write something and found yourself staring at a blank screen for way too long?

Why is it so hard to write about yourself? There are a few reasons.

Your inner critic shows up

We’re all our own worst critic, right? That little voice in your head that says you’re not good enough or smart enough or whatever. When you focus your thoughts on writing about yourself, that inner critic certainly shows up.

When your inner critic shows up, try bringing awareness to it and then shifting your perspective? Reframe what your inner critic is saying to be a positive and supportive message so it has less of an impact on the work you’re doing. You can also give your inner critic a name and then gently tell them to take a seat while you work on the project in front of you.

You’re too close to the topic

Sometimes you don’t see the whole picture about yourself or your business, and that can be especially true when writing about yourself.

You may be thinking, “How exactly do I remove myself from MY business to see a bigger picture?” This is where you lean on your support network to help you find the right words. Try brainstorming with your team or some friends to get additional perspectives.

You think you don’t have anything new to say

This one comes into play for social media a lot, even for those of us who are experienced marketers. It’s hard to write about yourself or your business because you think you’ve said it all before. And you probably have… but that doesn’t mean your audience has heard it all. Keep in mind that only a fraction of your audience sees your content on social media (or email marketing or blogging or anything else). And repetition is important in marketing.

So, even when you think you don’t have anything new to say, it’s okay to say the same stuff again.

If you struggle with writing about yourself, whether that’s website content or social media content or an application for an award, our team can take it off your plate. Schedule an intro call with us today, and let’s chat about outsourcing your content.

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