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Social Media for Small Business & Nonprofits

Struggling to keep up with your social media? Concerned about whether you're even using the right platforms to reach your audience? Just getting started in your business and looking for a practical approach to launching social media? This guide is for you! From knowing your audience to engaging with your followers, this guide offers simple tips for social media success for small businesses and nonprofits.


Our Favorite Tools for Small Business & Nonprofits

We use and love these tools, and that’s why we recommend them. We may earn a small commission if you sign up from the links below, and you may receive a discount or account credit as well.

Social Pilot

This is our go-to social media scheduling tool. We like the clean interface, ability to bulk schedule posts to a group of profiles, and the range of social media platforms available. 

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Designed with entrepreneurs in mind, this CRM (customer relationship management) platform has a lot of functionality packed into a single tool. It can help you manage quotes, contracts, invoicing, and more. You can also create workflows to help automate processes.

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Need something to keep your team on track with projects? We adore ClickUp for project management, and the free version is incredibly robust. We’ve tried a lot of different project management tools, and this is by far our favorite because of how easy it is to set up and get started.

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Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur trying to be more mindful of your time or need to track billable hours for client projects, Harvest is a budget-friendly and simple time tracking tool. You can also use it for invoicing or connect it to other popular invoicing systems.

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Books We Love

The links below will take you to, an online retailer that supports independent bookstores across the United States. We may earn a small commission on any purchases made using the links below.

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

This book is great for entrepreneurs and for everyone else. Trust us, it’s not your average time management book. It’s well-researched, written in more of a story format, and pretty eye-opening about how we spend our time. If you’re a busy small business owner or nonprofit executive who never has enough hours in the day, we highly recommend this one.

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More book recommendations coming soon!

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