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Tips for Stronger Written Content

When writing any marketing content, whether it’s a short post for social media or longer content for your website, the strength of your writing is important. Of course, everyone has their own branding and brand style, but following some general guidelines can make your writing more effective.

Here are a few tips for stronger written content.

Use active voice

If you think back to grade school or high school English classes, you likely learned about active voice and passive voice. But, for most of us, those English classes were quite a few years ago.

Here’s a quick example:

  • Passive voice: Email marketing metrics were reviewed by the team as they developed their new strategy.
  • Active voice: The team reviewed email marketing metrics as they developed their new strategy.

While there are situations where passive voice is helpful, using active voice creates stronger written content.

Focus on calls to action

Your call to action is the text that invites your customer to take an action, whether it’s visiting your website, signing up for your newsletter, or purchasing a product. You want your calls to action to be strong and creative, though they also should align with your brand voice.

Sometimes “learn more” or “keep reading” is the right call to action for your audience and brand voice. Other times, though, you can have a little more fun with them, such as “Get the deets” or “Yes, I want in!”

Again, it all depends on your unique brand voice, but having a clear call to action helps your customers know what to do next when doing business with you.

Make it shorter

Extra words sneak into everyone’s writing. You don’t want to cut so much content that it’s dry and boring, but you also want to review your content and shorten it where possible. Next time you’re writing or editing marketing content, look for any words that are taking up unnecessary space or places where you could say something more directly.

Stronger written content means a stronger connection with your audience, so it’s worth spending a little extra time to ensure active voice, clear calls to action, and shorter content.

If you are struggling to create strong written content for your business, schedule an intro call to discuss how we can help.

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