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Using Emotion in Marketing

One of the best ways to form a connection with your target audience is by using emotion in marketing. Emotion plays a big role in people’s purchasing decisions, even when we don’t consciously realize it.

Why? Because emotion is what connects us as human beings. If a potential customer feels like they can relate to you and your business, they feel good doing business with you.

Using emotion in marketing looks different for everyone, because it must be authentic for your organization and your audience. Start with identifying what matters to your audience and thinking about your brand identify, then dive into adding more emotion.

Once you have a solid understanding of your audience, here are a few ways to approach using more emotion in marketing. 

Tell more stories

Telling stories in your marketing is a great way to connect emotionally with your target audience. That might mean telling a story about your childhood, or about an experience that you had recently that reinforced something in your business, or why you decided to start your business.

Sometimes the stories are about other people, especially for nonprofits that are sharing the impact of their work. Whether you’re sharing a personal story about yourself because you’re a key part of the brand or telling stories from an organizational perspective, stories invite the customer to connect with you in a new way.

Pay attention to your words

Authenticity matters when it comes to marketing, and especially when using emotion in marketing. Words matter, too. You don’t want to force emotion in marketing, nor do you want to use so much jargon that your audience stops reading. It’s a delicate balance, so be sure you’re choosing words intentionally. Use an online dictionary to make sure the words you’re choosing mean what you think they mean as you develop marketing messages.

Use color strategically

There’s a visual component to all marketing, and the colors you choose are important. The psychology of color is powerful and 93% of customers make purchasing decisions based on visuals alone.

It’s no secret that certain colors hold different meanings and spark different feelings in people. For example, red is known for evoking feelings of passion, power, and excitement, while blue is known for evoking feelings of calmness and relaxation. Being intentional about the colors you choose is another way to tap into emotion in marketing.

By knowing your audience, telling stories, choosing your words carefully, and paying attention to color, you can leverage emotion in marketing to better connect with your audience.

Want to incorporate more emotion into your marketing but aren’t sure where to start? The StoryPath team can help! Schedule an intro call with us today so we can chat about your marketing goals.

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