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Why Clarity in Marketing Matters

We talk about clarity in marketing a lot. Why? Because lack of clarity is one of the biggest things that can negatively impact small businesses and small nonprofits in their marketing. Clarity is bigger than what you say and do though — it also includes understanding your audience and how they respond to your message.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to clarity in marketing.

You’re often too close to your own message

As a business owner, you say, see, or write about your own business more than anyone else. To you it seems repetitive, but it’s not to your customers. Remember, your audience isn’t as close to it as you are, and social media algorithms and life in general mean they won’t see every single thing you post or send.

If you feel like you’re being too repetitive or not clear enough, it can be helpful to take a step away and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s also a good idea to get another perspective on your marketing content, like a team member or someone you trust. That extra perspective can be a great way to stop overthinking and help you get clarity on your message.

People bring their own stories and impressions to every interaction

Every single person has baggage of some kind. This impacts how they react or respond to any message they hear. This is why understanding your customer and sharing a clear, consistent message can break through some of those barriers. What are their wants, needs, fears, etc.? The deeper you can get with understanding your audience, the more you can support them and build relationships.

Things get lost in translation

When text gets translated from one language to another, some of the meaning can get lost. The same is true when translating your brand’s language. For example, let’s say we’re talking with someone at a networking event and mention that we write website copy, and they reply with “I don’t know what copy means.”

Yes, this has happened to us… twice, actually. The word is used regularly in the marketing industry, but someone from outside the industry didn’t know that copy means the words on the page. It’s a good reminder that words and phrases common in our work may not make sense to someone else.

Our brains have limited capacity

Ever had one of those days where your brain is just done and can’t take any more information? Been there! Think about the number of marketing messages we all encounter every day. This is why clarity in your message matters… so it can cut through the noise and stick in people’s brains.

As you work on getting clarity in your message and your marketing to better reach your audience, keep all of these things in mind. It’s also a good reminder to give yourself grace when you’re stuck, when you don’t understand something from someone else’s industry, or when your brain is maxed out.

Do you want to more clarity in marketing, but aren’t sure where to start? The StoryPath Communications team can support you. Book an intro call with us today, and let’s chat about your next steps.

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