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Five Tips for Better Website Content

Your website is often the first impression someone gets of your business, and first impressions are important! The design of your website is an important component of that first impression, but so are the words on the page. 

These five tips for better website content can help you connect with your audience and increase conversions on your site.

Know your audience

Who are you trying to reach? What matters to them? What problems do you solve? Make sure you know who you’re talking to so you can tailor your website content to them. Get inside the mind of your target audience so you can create your content strategy that connects with them.

Include clear calls to action

What do you want visitors to your website to do after they visit your site? Schedule a consultation? Shop your online store? Subscribe to a newsletter? Make sure you have clear calls to action throughout your website that guide that website visitor to the next step. Calls to action are often formatted as a button, but they don’t have to be. Whether it’s a button, a link, or a bold line of text, make it clear what you want people to do next.

Keep it simple and structured

Put some thought into your navigation headers and how you format the content on each page of your website. Can a visitor to your site easily find the information they’re looking for? Most businesses don’t need to include every single detail on their website. Instead, share the information your customer needs to decide if they want to take the next step with your business.

Think in layers of content

Website content can sometimes be a delicate balance between leaving your customer confused and sounding too repetitive. Keep in mind that not everyone will read every page of your website, so some pages may need some similar copy to ensure your customer has the info they need. That said, you don’t want too many words on each page or people will stop reading. Use  subheadings to break up your text and make it easy to skim.

Don’t overlook the simple stuff

Have you ever spent far too much time on a company’s website looking for their address or trying to figure out what they charge for their services? If you have a physical location, make sure the address is in your header or footer so it appears on every page of your website. Some businesses don’t want to put pricing on their website, but a general range of pricing can be helpful in some industries.

Your content is a critical piece of your website! Whether you’re launching a brand new website or making some updates to an existing one, these five tips for better website content can ensure your website makes a great first impression.

The StoryPath team helps small businesses, nonprofits, and website agencies with professionally written website content. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our website content services.

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