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VIP Sessions for Small Business Marketing Strategy

Small business marketing strategy has been a core service offering for StoryPath Communications since we first launched in 2014. We’re passionate about helping small businesses and small nonprofits get clarity around their message and their marketing, and strategy is a big part of how we do that.

We recently rolled out a new service offering related to small business marketing strategy, VIP Strategy Sessions. These sessions are a great option for small businesses and small nonprofits who need some guidance from an expert but don’t have the budget to outsource everything.

What exactly does a VIP Strategy Session include? Here’s the rundown.

Step 1: Strategy assessment form

Our strategy assessment form includes questions about what’s working or not working for you currently and any specific areas you want to focus on during the work session. It’s an opportunity for you to gather your thoughts around your marketing and share some of the details with us. It’s an important part of the prework for any VIP Strategy Session, so don’t race through it!

Step 2: Half-day work session

This is where a lot of the magic happens. The half-day work session can be done in person for local clients or via Zoom for local or non-local clients. We love seeing the lightbulb moments for our clients as we take a deep dive into your strategy questions together. Using the assessment form as a guide, we’ll talk through the focus areas identified and help you develop a marketing strategy that hits all the important points for your organization.

Step 3: Key takeaways and action items

When our half-day work session is finished, we’ll provide a list of key takeaways and action items so you know what’s next for your marketing efforts. With increased clarity around your message and clear next steps, you’ll feel more confident about marketing and growing your business.

Have questions about the process or the benefits to your business? Schedule an intro call so we can answer any questions.

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