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Creating Quality Print Materials

Print materials include a wide range of items: business cards, brochures, postcards, posters, note cards, print ads, signage, and more. Some businesses may have only a printed business card and maybe a brochure, while others may utilize the full range of print materials available.

When using print materials to market your business, quality matters. These materials are promoting your business and reinforcing your brand, and you want them to look great.

If you’re wondering what value print materials can bring to your business, check out our previous blog on the value of print materials in marketing. If you’re ready to introduce some new print materials to your marketing mix, the tips below can help ensure a strong print presence for your company.

Identify your goals

What do you want to accomplish with each print piece? Think in short-term and long-term goals. What do you want your printed materials to say about your business? What action do you want customers to take after seeing a specific print piece? It’s tempting to try and say everything on a single print piece, but really think about the audience you’re trying to reach and the message you want to share when developing goals for your print materials.

Think about evergreen content

Print materials require an investment in design and printing, so you want them to last a while. Think about evergreen content for your business — the stuff that doesn’t change much — and use that in print while driving people to your website for more fluid details like pricing or special offers.

Give yourself permission to start small

If you’re printing a postcard, brochure, or other piece for the first time, it’s okay to start small and see how it works for your business. Yes, most printers will give you a price break per piece at certain quantities, but ordering 1,000 postcards isn’t beneficial if you won’t actually use them. You’re much better off ordering 100 to start, even if it costs half as much as 1,000. Then, if you use them consistently and they show a return for your business, you can scale up.

Align with your brand standards

Take the time to ensure the logo, colors, graphics, and voice of your materials aligns with your brand standards. Consistency is key, so make sure your branding and style is consistent from one print piece to another. Taking the time to be consistent increases the strength of your brand, builds trust with your audience, and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Enlist professional help

We highly recommend budgeting for professional graphic design services when it comes to print materials. A professional designer can help your piece stay focused on the goal and aligned with your brand while also being visually appealing to the customer. Sometimes the DIY approach is necessary when first getting started, but using someone trained and experienced in graphic design can take your print materials to the next level.

If you’re overwhelmed thinking about ways to use print marketing for your business, let’s chat. The StoryPath team can help you see where print materials fit within your marketing strategy and connect you to a skilled graphic designer to create high-quality print materials.

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