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The Value of Print Materials in Marketing

Digital marketing is the golden child of marketing these days. There’s so much information available at our fingertips, and it seems like there are endless options to reach potential customers online. But print marketing isn’t dead. In fact, print is very much alive and using print materials in marketing can benefit your small business or nonprofit in many ways.

Here are three reasons to consider print materials in your overall marketing mix.

Stand out from the crowd

Many organizations have abandoned print to focus exclusively on digital marketing campaigns, which means a well-designed print piece can make an impact in the mailbox or in a brochure rack. Print pieces that you mail will stand out even more if you hand address them or add a short personal note specific to that customer or prospect. Thank you cards or notes of encouragement count as print marketing too, especially if branded to your company. With fewer people using print as part of their marketing strategy, it’s a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Reinforce your brand

Your business card makes an impression when you hand it to someone. It says something about who you are — the colors, the logo, the design, the choice of paper. This not only applies to business cards, but also to any other print materials you use for marketing your business. Whether a brochure you’re handing out at a tradeshow or a postcard you’re dropping in the mail, every print piece is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and look professional.

Capture attention for longer

Most people spend more time actually reading print materials like magazines and newspapers than they do digital sources. If there’s a print media outlet whose audience aligns with your target audience, advertising in that publication might be a good way to bring new customers to your business. Postcards are another option with potential staying power, as a postcard with helpful information may get pinned to the family message board or stuck on the refrigerator for future reference.

As with any marketing effort, it’s important to know your audience and choose the marketing channels and the messages that will best reach them when thinking about how print materials can add value to your marketing.

Need help developing a print piece or a strategy for using them? Reach out to the StoryPath team to discuss.

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