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Tips For Personalizing AI-Generated Content

Do you ever look at content and wonder if a human being wrote it or a bot wrote it? We often do, and we’re usually pretty good at guessing if a bot wrote something. Why? Because it often lacks personality and doesn’t sound quite like a person (or a brand) might talk. Personalizing AI-generated content is a step you shouldn’t skip if using an AI tool to create content.

With the rise of ChatGPT and many other tools, it seems like everyone is dipping their toes into the use of AI-generated content. Here are a few tips to consider to make that content sound a little more like you.

Identify your goals for using an AI tool

When starting to use an AI tool, it’s good to know why you’re using it. Is it just something you want to explore a little bit? Are you looking to save time on your content creation? Are you struggling to come up with ideas and want an AI tool to help get creativity flowing? Are you using it because it feels like everyone else is using it?

It’s important to know why before you dive into the how, because the reason you’re using the tool likely impacts the approach you take to using it.

Allow enough time for content creation

Using an AI content generator can speed up the content creation process for many people, but you still need time to think through the goals and key points for your content. Don’t wait until the last minute just because you’re using an AI tool. Block enough time to give your content the attention it deserves and make sure it aligns with your key messages and your goals for the content you’re creating.

Spend time training the tool

AI content generators are a great option for getting past the blank page, but they’re not perfect and they don’t know everything. The more time you spend working in the tool and training it to your brand voice and style, the better output you’ll get.

Refine the content to fit your brand voice

You should always spend a little time refining the content to fit your brand voice and style. While there may be some cases where an AI tool has been trained well enough to generate final content, that’s not likely for small businesses or small nonprofits who are using a tool intermittently. You may find that an AI tool can generate some great ideas for a blog entry or add some creativity to social media that’s feeling stale, but you still need to refine the message and the voice in your final version of copy.

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