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Four Signs You Should Outsource Social Media for Small Business

Nearly every business should have some level of presence on social media, but it can be hard to keep up with it when you’re focused on meeting customer needs every day. With everything on your plate as business owner, you may wondering: When is it time to outsource social media for small business?

Worth noting: We’re talking about outsourcing content creation primarily. Even when you outsource social media, you can’t ignore it completely as a business owner. You still play an important role in responding to comments and messages on your social media.

That said, here are four signs it’s time for you to start outsourcing your social media content.

You hate writing your own social media

Social media isn’t for everyone – it’s okay to say you don’t love it, personally or professionally. Maybe you find talking about yourself or your business difficult, or maybe you just can’t find the right words. You probably didn’t start your business because you wanted to create social media content about it — you started your business to help others with something you’re passionate about! Having someone take the lead with your social strategy and content gives you more time to focus on what you do best.

You post once a week or less

Successful social media requires feeding the algorithms, and one post a week (or less) isn’t doing that unfortunately. Fewer posts mean fewer people see your content, and that means fewer people engage with it which means even fewer people see it the next time.

And then, of course, you’re not motivated to post more often because you don’t see any results. It’s a rough cycle and breaking out of it requires posting consistently.

You’re not sure where you should be posting

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. There are so many options for social media platforms, which can leave you wondering what goes where. If keeping up with the trends on each platform makes your brain hurt, that’s okay. Outsourcing social media means you can focus on your business while someone else focuses on talking about it on the right platforms.

For most of our clients who need social media for small business, the same content can post across multiple platforms, though there are certainly times to customize content to the individual platform.

You have the budget to commit to outsourced social media

For small businesses and small nonprofits, it can be a bit of a stretch to start outsourcing social media. Once the decision is made though, many business owners find that it’s a huge weight off their shoulders and well worth the investment to have a professional handling their content.

Consistency matters, so be sure you’re ready to invest for a minimum of six months. We don’t lock clients into a specific contract term for monthly social media, but we know it will take a little time to see results from consistent content and we talk about that up front with our clients.

Are you ready to start outsourcing your social media content? The StoryPath team can help! Reach out to us today, and let’s chat about your next steps.

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