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Editing Tip: Step Away from Your Content

When it comes to editing marketing content for your business, there’s one important step we always recommend and that’s taking a step away from your content. Yep, you read that right.

We rarely write anything and post it the same day because there’s so much value in letting your content sit for a little while, whether that’s one day or only a few hours. Taking a brief step away from your content and letting your words marinate can create more confidence in the content you are putting out into the world.

Here are some of the key reasons to step away before editing your content and then posting or scheduling.

Let your subconscious go to work

You got your thoughts out of your brain and on paper, but there’s a good chance your brain is still kicking those ideas around in the background. If you let your content sit while you switch to another task, get some exercise, or even sleep overnight, you may think of an additional point you want to add or a better way to communicate something. 

Give any strong emotions time to rest

Business owners and nonprofit leaders are passionate about what they do, and sometimes that means written content involves some strong emotions. If you’ve fired off a rant about something, it’s especially important to let that content sit for a minute and give your emotions time to rest. Often times, you’ll come back with a more level head and be able to communicate your message effectively.

Review with fresh eyes to spot any errors

Our brains are incredibly powerful and can often swap in the right word even if the wrong one is written on the page. You’ve probably seen some of those brain challenges where certain words are omitted or letters are backward or upside down, and yet you can still read the message because your brain is able to translate it.

This same impressive skill also means you might be overlooking errors in your writing because your brain is swapping in the right word for the wrong one. Stepping away from your content before editing can help you see it with fresh eyes and spot some of those mistakes.

Do you enjoy writing your own content but prefer to outsource the editing step? We can help.

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