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Finding Your Audience on Social Media

Social media content creation takes time and energy. From writing to editing to scheduling, you want to make sure that your social media strategy makes sense for your business. But before all of that, you first want to identify where you’ll be posting your content to ensure your message is reaching your audience.

Here are four important considerations when it comes to finding your audience on social media.

Know the user demographics for each platform

Social media platforms collect a lot of data from their users, and that means it’s fairly easy to find user demographic for each platform. These reports will tell you how many people use the platform, their average hours per day (or week) on the platform, the age range of users, and which age range is most active, etc. This is extremely helpful to know if you’re targeting a specific age range with your marketing. Many brands are targeting a wide enough audience that they’ll likely need more than one social media platform to expand their reach.

Ask them what social media channels they use most

It’s never a bad idea to go straight to the source. Asking your customers for feedback is always a helpful approach! This could be as simple as having some conversations with customers as they shop from your retail space or sending a quick client survey via email. Be sure to ask them about what platform they use the most and include a question about how they use social media (if at all) in deciding about a product, service, or company.

Adjust content for each platform, where necessary

Each platform has its own unique characteristics. For example, hashtags are important on Instagram, but not as critical on Facebook. TikTok is video-driven so it’s a great platform for visual content; but it’s less social in terms of connecting with people you know in real life. LinkedIn is a great option if you’re focused on a business audience.

For some organizations, posting the same content across all platforms can work well. Others may need to adjust their content more heavily to better reach their audience on each unique platform. 

Keep your goals and ROI in mind

As always with social media, it’s good to consider your goals for social media and make sure your efforts align with your goals. For many of our clients, their social media presence is about showcasing their expertise and sharing informational content with their audience. Other organizations are more focused on directly tying conversions and sales to their social media presence. Knowing your goals for social media factors into how you reach your audience on social media.

Need help developing or updating your social media strategy? Reach out to the StoryPath team to talk about our social media services.

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