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Our Take on AI Content Creation

AI content creation got lots of attention recently with the release of ChatGPT, but it’s certainly not the only AI content creation tool available. There are plenty that promise to write your blog content, social media content, or website content. And, yes, some that will write papers for high school or college students.

But are they worth it? Here are some questions to consider related to AI content creation.

Can they create quality content?

AI content generation has certainly improved in the past several years, and it’s likely to continue to improve in the years to come. Quality content should include factors like accuracy of information, consistency with the voice of your organization, and clear calls to action. If you’re considering using an AI content service, consider those things in your decision process.

Is the content unique to your business?

The technology that writes AI-generated content is similar to the technology that crawls the web to index content and provide answers when you type a question. And those search engine bots value clear, concise, and unique content. If your content is identical to the content someone else received from an AI content tool (or really close to it), your content isn’t likely to be prioritized by the search engines.

Does the system understand your audience?

When we work with organizations on a communications plan, their audience is one of the first things we discuss. It’s critical to understand who your audience is before you decide how to communicate with them! The systems that generate AI content can’t know your audience in the way you or your marketing team do.

How much editing will be required?

Any written content will require your review before it gets posted to your marketing channels. If you’re using an experienced content writer, they’ve either written and edited it themselves or had an experienced copy editor review it. If you’re using an AI service, you become that copy editor, and it may take more time than you realize to polish the content to fit your audience, your message, and your voice.

Final thoughts

While we’ve seen some AI content output that’s pretty solid in a general sense, it’s incredibly hard for an AI content creation system to capture the nuance of your business, your audience, and your voice. Plus, there’s always the risk that the content will be too similar to something else and negatively impact your search rankings.

We’re clearly a bit biased here, because we’re a team of human beings who write content for small businesses and small nonprofits, but we still think working with experienced content writers is the best option.

If you need help with copywriting for your business — whether for blogs, social media, websites, or print materials — the StoryPath team is here to help.

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