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Why It’s Important to Take a Break

All too often in the world of small businesses and small nonprofits, the breaks are few and far between. Entrepreneurs are notorious for never really taking time off. We say we’re going to, but then we end up making it a working vacation instead. Or we take a Friday off but don’t really step away from the computer until 2 pm.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or have expanded to have a small team, breaks are important for you and the people around you. Sometimes a break simply means calling it a day an hour early to get outside for some sunshine. Other times a break means scheduling that 10-day vacation and not touching your computer the entire time.

From little breaks to big ones, here are some of the benefits of stepping away for a bit for entrepreneurs, employees at small nonprofits, and really everyone.

Renewed creativity

Have you ever thought, “I need to come back to this with fresh eyes?” That’s rest playing a role in renewed creativity. If you’re hitting the wall and struggling with a particular project or task, step away and come back to it later. You’ll find that the spark of an idea was always there, but you just needed to take a breather to ignite it.

Increased productivity

Plenty of studies have shown we do better work when we’re not doing that work all the time. A 2021 study done by North Carolina State showed that breaks can redirect blood flow from overworked parts of the brain and refresh cognitive functioning. In other words, when we’re overworked and/or stressed, productivity drops, which means it takes longer to do just about everything.

Improved mental health

Running a business or nonprofit takes a lot of time, energy, and mental space. Over time, that can take a toll on your mental health. Stepping away from the work for a regular weekend, a long weekend, or a full week of vacation can help bring some balance back.

Deeper personal connections

Taking time away from work can have positive benefits for your relationships, whether with family or friends. Whether you opt for a staycation, take a trip somewhere fun, or just schedule lunch or coffee with close friends, it’s a great opportunity to be completely present with and deepen your connections with others while taking a break from work.

Owning a small business or running a small nonprofit means the work is never really done, but we’re big advocates of taking time to rest and rejuvenate so we can do quality work for our clients! If you haven’t stepped away in a while, now might be a great time to start planning your next vacation.

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