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Aligning Your Message to Your Purpose

A clear, consistent message over time is one of the most important things for any small business or nonprofit.

All too often, shiny object syndrome kicks in and organizations shift their message to try and capture a new trend or simply mix things up. But if you start with aligning your message to your purpose, it’s easier to stay focused over time and share a clear, consistent message.

Here are some steps you can take to align your message to your purpose.

Know your purpose

Why does your business or nonprofit exist? Sit down and think about that and write whatever comes to mind. Of courses, the first thing that comes to mind might be a practical answer like to make money. That is, after all, an important part of any business. But there’s likely a deeper reason – a need that you’re trying to fill or an important service you provide that no one else offers in the same way. Identify THAT purpose first and center your message around it.

Know your audience

Do you know who you’re trying to reach with your message? Creating the right message for your business or nonprofit also means knowing your audience. Who are they? What matters to them?

It’s important to know who your audience is because that impacts the message you send. Try to think like your customer. Put yourself in their shoes to understand what they’re looking for and how you can help.

Know your message

As you think about your message, write down what makes your organization unique. What sets you apart from similar businesses or nonprofits? What makes YOU stand out? More than likely, it ties back to your purpose already.

We recommend developing some key messages that help articulate why your organization exists and the services you offer. By developing some key messages, you can better stay on message across multiple communication channels. 

When you know your purpose, your audience, and your message, you can better articulate how your organization makes an impact for the people you serve.

If you need help identifying your message and creating a plan to reach your audience, contact us today to chat about our services and how we might be able to help.

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