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Why Someone Else Should Read Your Content Before Posting

Writing marketing content for your business or nonprofit often goes one of two ways: smooth sailing or incredibly challenging. Sometimes the creative juices stop flowing and it can be hard to come up with good content, or you get so inspired about a topic that you keep writing and don’t quite know where to stop.

Whether you find creating content to be easy or difficult, it’s always a good idea to have someone else read your content before you post it. A fresh pair of eyes is helpful, whether it’s another person on your team or an experienced editor. They can provide valuable feedback about what you’ve written and help ensure it will connect with your audience.

Here are a few ways another person can help improve your content.

Check for understanding

Sometimes a great idea in your head doesn’t work out as well once it’s on paper. Having someone else read your content can help with that reality check, if needed. Or perhaps the content is fairly solid overall but there are a few places that need a little clarity. As a business owner or nonprofit leader, you may be too close to the content to check for understanding on your own. Handing it off to someone else to review can help identify any gaps that need to be fixed before it goes to a larger audience.

Catch typos or other mistakes

Our brains are powerful, and they can swap in the right word even when it’s the wrong word on the page. This can happen a little more frequently when you’re the one who both writes and edits the content. Having someone else read the content can help catch those little mistakes. If you don’t have someone else to read your content, it’s a good idea to let it sit for a day or two and then come back for a final review.

Contribute additional content ideas

When someone else reads what you’ve written, it might spark other ideas or questions, which can turn into future content ideas. There might be an idea in the blog that’s mentioned in passing that the other person wants to know more about, which can turn into a future blog or social media post. If someone else on your team is reading your content, they may have experiences to share that turn one piece of content into a series.

At StoryPath, we have a standard review process that involves multiple people reading each piece of client content (and our own content) to check for clarity and catch any mistakes. Even if you’re a solopreneur doing it all yourself, consider finding someone to do a quick review of your content to check for understanding, catch any mistakes, and contribute additional content ideas.

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