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Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Podcasts: it seems like everyone has one these days, right? They’re a potentially great way to reach your customers, showcase your expertise, and help people get to know you. For some individuals and companies, being a guest on other podcasts makes more sense than hosting your own. But for others, hosting is the way to go. It’s a great option for professionals who speak at conferences and events, and it can be helpful for industries with lots of educational content as well.

So, you want to start a podcast for your business? Here are a few tips to get started.

Start with a plan

Consistency is key! Have a plan and follow through with it. Hosting a podcast takes effort, so be realistic about what you can accomplish given everything else on your plate. Decide whether your podcast will be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Whatever you decide, we recommend posting them around the same day and time. This gives your podcast strategy some structure and lets your audience know when to expect a new episode. It also helps to upload a few episodes when you first get started so people can get a feel for your content and then subscribe to the podcast for the latest updates.

Develop a topics calendar and list of potential guests

Sit down and come up with a list of topics you will discuss on your podcast. Are they relatable to your target audience? Are they aligned with your goals for the podcast? Some podcasts feature the host only, while others include guests who are invited to speak on different topics. If your podcast will include guests, brainstorm a list of people you want to invite for your various topics.

Get the right audio setup

Where and how will you record your episodes? You want a space without distractions. This doesn’t mean you have to soundproof your office or a room in your home, but you should try to use a space with minimal background noise. Take time to research the best microphone options and methods for recording and sharing your podcast. Sound quality is important! With the popularity of podcasting, there are lots of how-to articles and product reviews available to make sure your audio setup works well.

Know how you’re going to market the podcast

What is your marketing strategy for your podcast? To get listeners and ongoing engagement, you need to promote your podcast in the same way you promote your business. Make sure your business contacts, family, and friends know that you’re launching a podcast and ask them to share it via email or on social media. Post about your podcast on your own social media channels to promote it as well.

While podcasts can be a lead generator, it’s best to look at podcasts as a way of connecting with your potential clients/customers and sharing engaging and thoughtful content. You still need clear goals for what you want to accomplish with the podcast, but it may take some time before your podcast translates into new business. Podcasts take a lot of work to plan topics, invite guests, record content, and post online. Before you get started, be sure you’re up for the commitment and can be consistent with your podcast.

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