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Why Consistency Matters in Marketing

Small business owners wear a lot of hats, and that means sometimes consistency suffers. Small business owners are working in their business and on their business at the same time—handling customer requests, keeping up with the books, maintaining networking relationships, and so much more.

All too often, marketing is one of the hats that gets dropped in the corner. Before you know it, it’s pretty dusty. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and never quite get those social media posts scheduled or those blog articles written.

We get it. After all, we neglected our own blog for about two years. (Yes, you read that right.)

Consistency is key to building a strong business presence online. Your online presence gives people an idea of who you are as a business, and if you’re neglecting your social media or blog, people might start to question if you’re even still in business.

When it comes to social media, every platform has an algorithm. While we don’t know all the details of the algorithms, consistency is part of it. Take Facebook for example. Only a small percentage of a business page’s followers are going to see each post. If the page is inconsistent with how often they post, even fewer of their followers will see it.

Facebook wants to create conversation, so they are going to serve up the posts that their algorithm considers to be more valuable from accounts that are posting regularly. If you’re posting consistently, that can translate into more likes, comments, and shares. As people react to it, Facebook weights that post as more valuable and then more people end up seeing it. But that typically doesn’t happen if you’re only posting once or twice a month.

So how do you create consistency without the added stress of posting every day?

First, you figure out how often you want to post to reach your audience, what you want your online brand presence to sound and look like, and what content you want to share with the online world.

Once you have thought about what kind of content you want to create, you can write and schedule content for a couple weeks or a month at a time. Then, if you’re up for it, post in-the-moment things about your business to supplement the pre-scheduled content that creates the consistency you need.

We recommend checking your pre-scheduled content periodically throughout the month and especially if anything major happens in your area or in the world that might result in a post that’s poorly timed and sounds inappropriate.

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